Teresu Zen Wu

Taimyo of the Fourth Field Force


Taimyo of the Fourth Field Force, is a rarity in Lookshy — a non-native whose service to the Legion has been so devoted and steadfast that he has become a trusted leader. An outcaste from the Northern enclave of High Falls who married into the family nearly a century and a half ago, Zen Wu has continued to impress the leaders not just of Gens Teresu, but all of Lookshy with his wholehearted adoption of his new home’s culture and societal mores. His outsider’s eye toward tactics and strategy has also been a welcome gain, and his position in charge of the Fourth Field Force is a direct result of his contributions and unceasing efforts to get his officers to think around problems and find new solutions.

Original image drawn by Hyung-Tae Kim.

Teresu Zen Wu

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