Character Creation

creationscript.pngAll characters will be created using the rules for Dragon-Blooded as found on page 90 of Manual of Exalted Power – Dragon-Blooded, along with the changes found in Scroll of Errata, and any changes listed on this page.

Characters may be Lookshy natives or renegade Dynasts. Mechanically, renegade Dynasts will be created using the same rules for Lookshy Dragon-Blooded to show their integration as a janissary force and time spent outside the Realm.

Scroll of Errata Changes

  • Players receive four specialities to distribute amongst their character’s Abilities.
  • Virtue dots may be purchased for 1 bonus point each. However, Willpower is calculated independently of Virtues.
  • Characters begin with Willpower rated at 5. Willpower may be increased at a cost of 1 bonus point per dot.
  • Characters may start with (Willpower + Compassion) Intimacies without spending bonus points.
  • Players receive 18 bonus points at character creation.

A Terrestrial Exalt has seven dots to assign among her primary Attributes, six to assign to secondary Attributes and four dots to invest in tertiary Attributes.

Characters start with 35 points to spend, 13 of which must be distributed among Aspect and Favored Abilities. No Ability may exceed three dots without spending bonus points to do so. Each Dragon-Blooded character gets three Favored Abilities.

All Exalts, including Dragon-Blooded, get one dot of Resistance for free.

Characters must have a minimum of Archery 2, Linguistics 3, Lore 2, Martial Arts 2, Melee 2, Performance 1, Presence 1, Ride 1, Stealth 1, and War 2.

As the Terrestrial heroes of the story, all characters start at Essence 3 for free.

The Backgrounds of the Dragon-Blooded differ from those available to other Exalts. Full details can be found on p102-111 of the Dragon-Blooded book.

Characters start with 13 points of Backgrounds and may choose from Allies, Arsenal, Artifact (see note), Backing, Breeding (see note), Command, Connections, Familiar, Family, Manse, Mentor, Reputation, Resources and Retainer. No Background may be higher than three without spending bonus points.

Artifact: While Lookshy does have a wealth of First Age artifacts, certain items such as air boats, warstriders, etc. are proscribed. Those items are available via in-game requisition and will be given on an as-needed basis.

Breeding: Exalted blood does not run as pure in Lookshy. The Breeding Background is less common as a consequence. The third dot costs 4 bonus points, the fourth dot costs 14 bonus points and the fifth dot is unavailable.

All characters starting in Lookshy know the Charms Wind-Carried Word Technique and Elemental Bolt Attack, as those are considered indispensable to military activities. They also get six additional Charms of their choice, four of which must be from Aspect or Favored Abilities.

All Exalts, including Dragon-Blooded, begin with one purchase of Ox-Body Technique for free.

Sorcery is limited in Lookshy. Any spell that summons a demon or elemental, or creates an automaton of any sort will require an appropriate character history and GM approval.

Immaculate Martial Arts are normally forbidden to Lookshy characters at creation. If interested, something can probably be worked out.

We are using the version of Excellencies as roughly described in the Ex3 preview. Mainly, all Excellencies are removed, and instead replaced with a single entry that functions identical to the First Excellency. These are free for any Favored Ability (or Attribute for Lunars). Yozi Excellencies remain unchanged, but are free for the characters favored and patron Yozi.

Characters may purchase additional Excellencies if desired, for example if they wanted one for a non-Favored Ability.

Political Faction
Each player should pick one of the five Political Factions found within Lookshy for their character. They can believe as strong or weak in this view as they wish, but it helps describe their outlook on Lookshy’s place within the Scavenger Lands.

  • Imperialists: Believe that the Seventh Legion should take advantage of the Realm’s political turmoil to sow further dissension and make alliances with worthy houses, leading eventually to a takeover by Seventh Legion forces. Have little real support.
  • Interventionists: Believe Lookshy should take a more active role in Scavenger Lands politics, possibly including re-founding the Shogunate. Moderate popularity, considered radically minor.
  • Isolationists: See the continued defense of anything other than Lookshy as a fruitless gesture toward a long-dead political entity and pointless ancestor worship of a long-dead leader. Not as popular as some would like to think.
  • Mercenaries: Believe the current state of affairs — relying on the might of the field forces, seeking out short-term contracts over eternal defense treaties and freely trading with anyone not currently engaged in hostilities with Lookshy — to be a solid state of affairs. They wait for a proper heir before returning the Shogunate. This is the most common faction.
  • Purists: Seeks to clean out what they see as the wickedness and depravity of the Scavenger Lands; the impropriety of peasants failing to properly respect their betters, the spirit-worship, the utter den of iniquity that is Nexus, etc. Generally opposed to the Realm. A fairly minor (some would say “crackpot”) faction.

Character Creation

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