Districts of the City

The city of Lookshy is divided into a multitude of districts. Each district has a purpose, but there is always overlap between districts, both for ease of access to vital services and redundancy — it is difficult to knock out any one industry or service with an attack on a given district.


The Fourth Ring
The Fourth Ring, between the Fifth and Fourth Walls, is one of two areas in Lookshy where foreigners are truly commonplace — the other being the Lower City. Here are metic-run businesses and warehouses, temples and guild houses, teashops and apartments, as well as facilities where trade between Lookshy merchants and metics is conducted, and housing for dozens of independent mercenary companies who choose to winter in Lookshy instead of Nexus or compounds in the Hundred Kingdoms. Gate security between the Fourth Ring and the other city districts is nearly as tight as that on the main gates, and patrols of justicars or trusted mercenaries are common.

The Third Ring
The Third Ring is mostly made up of businesses or crafts that have some need to interact on a frequent basis with outsiders but are not solely associated with foreign trade or business. Here, there are schools and salons, centers of industry and research and the shops of many fine craftsmen.

The Second Ring
The Second Ring is a mixture of warehouses, residences and administration buildings. Many buildings here date to just after the wars against the Realm, are heavily fortified and have many useful enchantments and features built into them.

The Old City
The Fair Folk never reached the innermost sections of Deheleshen, despite breaching the inner walls. This left Lookshy Manse, the Aviary and many other buildings in what is now called the Old City undamaged — and these mansions and fortresses are now the heart of Lookshy. Few people actually live in the Old City — some of the General Staff and their assistants live here, as does the Shogunate Bureaucracy, but the total permanent population of this district is less than 5,000.

Instead, most buildings here are given over to the Operations Directorate, the General Staff, the Sky Guard and the Home Guard. The Black Legion stands watch over Lookshy Manse and access to the deep caverns that form Lookshy’s main repositories of weapons, equipment and food in times of trouble.

The Lower City
Located on a great beach at the base of Lookshy promontory, the Lower City is protected from hurricane or tidal wave by the great Sea Wall, a vast featureless First Age wall that rises 50 feet out of the water even at the highest tide. Lookout towers along its length allow the harbormaster to observe any incoming vessel as it comes into view, and a tower of battle stands silent watch over the sea below.

The Lower City is bustling with activity at all hours — even when the harbor pilots cease operations at nightfall, there are always cargos to be unloaded, warehouses to be filled or emptied and shipments to be moved upcity to the Warehouse District 500 feet above. The military docks closest to the Sea Wall are busy even when the commercial docks close, refitting triremes and First Age warships under the light of huge sunstones. The Lower City is dedicated to commerce and trade: There are many short-term apartments and hostels but few homes. There are many teahouses and taverns, but few fine restaurants. There are many warehouses and brothels but few craftsmen, save those dedicated to the nautical trade.

Districts of the City

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