DbbannerThe Gentes of Lookshy are nowhere near as powerful as the Realm’s Great Houses, but they are still an important part of life in Lookshy. Each Gens of Lookshy is built around major Terrestrial bloodlines, a powerful history of success on the battlefield and substantial reserves of wealth and First Age artifacts.

The distinction between major and minor Gentes is not as strict as sometimes portrayed and is based on a wide variety of variables. The number of major Gentes is not even fixed. Several Gentes of those currently thought of as “minor” houses have been more important in the past, and two of the houses currently considered “major” ones have historically been of smaller stature. Overall size, wealth, importance in various arenas, resources and semi-abstract concepts of “purity”—in terms of their Dragon-Blooded lineage—all go into the consideration of a Gens’ relative status. If a family has the fortitude to declare itself a major Gens and isn’t laughed at, then it probably is one.

Major Houses

Gens Karal (Fire)
Fortune: Military
Politics: Basically Mercenary, with Interventionist leanings.
Leader: Karal Linwei

Gens Teresu (Water)
Fortune: Military (Naval)
Politics: Split between Isolationist and Mercenary.
Leader: Teresu Mai Lin

Gens Maheka (Earth)
Fortune: Military (Engineers)
Politics: Staunchly Mercenary.
Leader: Maheka Lespa

Gens Amilar (Air)
Fortune: Researchers
Politics: Moderately Interventionist, with increasing Purist leanings.
Leader: Amilar Vondy

Gens Yushoto (Wood)
Fortune: Balanced
Politics: Diverse, with no real emphasis.
Leader: Yushoto Terisa

Minor Houses

Gens Kirigasa (Earth)
Fortune: Military (Infantry)
Politics: Interventionist
Leader: Kirigasa Kosu

Gens Nefvarin (Air)
Fortune: Military (Sky Guard)
Politics: Split between Interventionist and Imperialist.
Leader: Nefvarin Alixa

Gens Yan Tu (Fire)
Fortune: Military (Engineers)
Politics: Split between Mercenary and Interventionist.
Leader: Yan Tu Mara

Gens Chan (Water)
Fortune: Merchant House
Politics: Mildly Isolationist.
Leader: Chan Bright Coin

Gens Nerigus (Wood)
Fortune: Merchant House
Politics: Interventionist
Leader: Nerigus Shen

Gens Toriki (Balanced)
Fortune: Military
Politics: Extremely Isolationist.
Leader: Toriki Laoshe

Gens Bukane (Mortal)
Fortune: Military
Politics: Purists
Leader: Bukane Morning Lily

Gens Mareseke (Mortal)
Fortune: Engineers
Politics: Mildly Isolationist
Leader: Mareseke Golden Will

Gens Mehela (Balanced)
Fortune: Merchant House
Politics: Mercenary with mild Isolationist leanings.
Leader: Mehela Qiao Yin

Gens Taroketu (Mortal)
Fortune: Merchant House
Politics: Split between Mercenary and Interventionist.
Leader: Taroketu Yushara

Gens Tsung (Mortal)
Fortune: Researchers
Politics: No strong leanings.
Leader: Tsung Tao Le


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