Ranks and Organization



The Seventh Legion uses the old Shogunate rank structure with a few minor tweaks. Note that few mortals advance beyond the rank of shozei, and none beyond kazei, mostly due to their relatively short life span.

Nitei: The lowest rank of the Seventh Legion and the majority of Lookshy’s fighting force.
Gochei: The leader and figurehead of a Fang. Reports to chuzei.
Haichei: Technicians and hardware specialists.
Sochei: Administrative aide for a scale. Reports to chuzei.
Shonai: Operates, maintains, and administers equipment and support personnel. Reports to chuzei.
Chozei: Lowest officer class. Train enlisted personnel. Reports to chuzei.
Chuzei: Responsible for all sub-officer activity for a scale or talon. Reports to taizei.
Taizei: Commands a talon or wing with regard to organization and training. Reports to shozei.
Shozei: Commands a wing or dragon. Reports to kazei.
Kazei: Commands a dragon of troops. Reports directly to taimyo.
Taimyo: Field-force commanders (taimyo-yin) or administrative (taimyo-tuva). Reports to chumyo.
Chumyo: Leader of the Seventh Legion. Leader of the General Staff.
Daimyo: Provincial leader appointed by the Shogun. Currently, none exist.
Shogun: Leader of the Shogunate, appointed by birthright. Bloodline is currently lost.
Sazei: Skyship captain, ranked as taizei. Responsible for one skyship.
Haizei: Skyship pilot, ranked as chuzei.


Although the Seventh Legion uses the same basic structure as the Realm to organize its forces, or at least the same titles, its field forces are much more diversified.

Fang: A unit of five soldiers, always of the same type, commanded by a gunchei or gochei.
Scale: A unit of five fangs, frequently of the same type, commanded by a chuzei or sochei.
Talon: A unit of five scales, commanded by a chuzei or taizei. Independent talons usually have one scale of infantry or specialists and one scale of support personnel.
Wing: A unit of five talons, commanded by a taizei or shozei. Wings are usually reinforced with up to a talon of specialists in scale-sized units and a scale of support personnel if operating independently.
Dragon: A unit of two wings, commanded by a shozei or kazei. Usually reinforced with up to three talons of specialists in scale-sized units and one support talon.
Field Force: A unit of five dragons, commanded by a taimyo. Usually reinforced with a dragon of specialist and reinforcement units, mostly talon-sized, and a dragon of support personnel.

Ranks and Organization

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