Seventh Legion

Legion1The Seventh Legion is not considered the supreme military force without reason. Its weaponry is unrivaled among any army in the Scavenger Lands and even surpasses the potency of the Realm’s armaments. Its soldiers are trained from youth and drilled throughout their lives.

The Seventh Legion of the Dragon-Blooded Shogunate is at once the society and ruling class of Lookshy. Stationed in the East during the Shogunate, they played an important part of the defense of that quarter of Creation against the forces of the Fair Folk during the aftermath of the Great Contagion. After the Scarlet Empress drove off the invading raksha using the Imperial Manse, the survivors of the Seventh Legion gathered at the ruins of Deheleshen. As one of the few remaining stable societies after the rampant destruction of the Contagion, refugees flocked to the city, which was rebuilt under the name Lookshy.

After the founding of Lookshy, the Realm under the Scarlet Empress tried on several occasions to bring the Seventh Legion and Lookshy under her rule via force. Each time she was rebuffed, until the Realm simply gave up, acknowledging Lookshy as an independent power in Creation. As such, when the Realm made its various attempts to subjugate the East, Lookshy stood first and foremost against them, protecting the entire Direction through their martial prowess and valor.

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Seventh Legion

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