The Marukan Alliance

marukan_archer.pngThe Marukan Alliance is a loosely knit band of individualists who have eschewed conventional civilization in favor of life in small, fortified ranch compounds (called range towns) of 50–60 people. The Marukani are famous for their ruggedness, for their frank manner and for being master horseman.

Rivers, forests, savannas, fields of tall grasses and wild grains, even twin fjords, can all be found in Marukan. The rivers are usually fordable and cannot accommodate water- borne vehicles other than rafts or canoes. Hundreds of range towns dot the landscapes.

Range Towns
Range towns are diverse in design, as each is an organic settlement built around specific trade and production needs. Some feature vast fields of cotton or wheat, while others focus on raising cattle. All maintain large stabling facilities and raise, train and trade horses.

Ten to fifteen large, wooden, two-story stables are usually built in a square or hexagon in the middle of the town. Horses graze in the large grassy area in the center. An outer ring of smaller longhouse residences is usually built in a similar fashion 40–50 feet out from the stables, forming a kind of outer wall. A single outer reinforced gate keeps out wild animals and brigands. Each town also has two or three high stone watchtowers and a stable-armory containing Lookshyan swords and fire wands.

The People
The Marukani like to do things themselves. They shoe their own horses and build their own houses. They make their own clothes and don’t like to take charity, always insisting on giving as much as they get in any business dealings. They also don’t use slaves, considering the very practice a black eye on the region’s history. Marukani are not scholars, and the few Dragon-Blooded they produce are usually ill suited to sorcery. They talk little, eat a lot and curse up a storm if enraged.

The Marukan Alliance

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