Wind Carried 01

When the recovered citizens have been dealt with and they reach Velis once again to rest for the night, Kurenai disappears to the edge of the village so that he can be alone.

His lips move without a sound as he murmurs into the darkness. The glowing red of his anima banner flares to life he gathers his power for his task. He decides he’ll try Great-Forks this time. Now wreathed in a flaming bonfire, he casts his message into the wind.


Our mission was successful. But of course, how could it not be, with each of us being a member of Gens Kirigasa?

Being part of this new experimental Fang is strange, but at least it’s not boring. Well, the boat ride was. But I didn’t set it on fire this time, so don’t you dare laugh!

Cranesong and her brother are part of my team. Sora has really changed. He seems a lot more quiet and distant than the little runt he used to be. He’s a sorcerer now. I wonder what he had to sacrifice to achieve that? I certainly would never give anything up for any stupid spells when stabbing something to death is just as good!

At first I was upset that Cranesong was there, but I guess if she is going to be on active duty, she might as well be where I can protect her. I promised you I would take care of her, and I won’t break that promise. BUT SHE’S STILL A HORRIBLE GIRL! You know what’s even more horrible?! I’m now engaged to her, and it’s all. your. fault. because you forced me to be nice to her! I think her stupid mother actually thinks I like her or something! At least it keeps me from having to beat the crap out of suitors unworthy of her. If she finds someone who deserves her, I think I could convince her parents to call it off. You know how skilled I am at insulting mothers.

Another one of my teammates is Sogeki-chan. Do you remember him? He’s that assassin we sometimes heard about. I thought he’d be lame because he’s a Wood aspect but he’s actually kind of a badass! He taunted a Fair Folk lord so hardcore that the pointy eared bastard stepped right out of his stupid little talking bubble stream to fight us! Were I a single man I would – um, but I’m not a single man, so don’t think that’s changed between us. That won’t ever change, so, yeah, I think – back to Sogeki-chan. He’s Yumi’s son, and I know you remember her. I’m indebted to her for all she ever did for you. Even if she only did it out of duty, I never want to see her upset, so I guess I’ll have to do my best to protect Sogeki-chan, too. He’s a horrible doctor, though! He’s strict and mean and not gentle at all. Aren’t Wood aspects supposed to be all kind and soft? Not all hard like…hahah…hehehe…wood.

Ah, what was I talking about again? Oh! My other teammate is Yukiko. She’s an engineer and to be honest she kind of terrifies me. HER WEAPON IS BIGGER THAN I AM! I am praying to the Dragons that my sisters don’t decide to get friendly with her and try to talk to her. I am certain they will reveal my hated nickname to her and if Cranesong ever learns about it, my life will be ruined. Sogeki-chan will never think I am cool at all and won’t ever go drinking with me!

I hope you are taking care of Hime. I really miss her. You know how much I love that horse, and -

I guess I am just rambling now. Without you here, there’s no one to talk to, no one to drink with, and I always sleep alone. But I don’t want you to come back here, do you understand?! It’s too dangerous – I don’t know if they’d turn away a Wyld Hunt, for all they don’t care for the Realm. And maybe I should have gone with you, but – it’s my fault that everyone died back then, and it’s not like you even need me with you, because in the end it was you that – what I am trying to say is this is the best I can do for now. Duty was always more important to you than it was to me, so I know you understand.

I realize there’s things I never said to you that I should have, and I still can’t say them now, not like this. So if you promise to stay alive, I’ll promise to tell you the next time we find each other again.

And I WILL find you, you idiot! So go where it’s safe, no matter how far it is! And when I DO find you, you better not be dead, or a demon, or IN BED WITH SOMEONE PRETTIER THAN ME, OR I’LL BE REALLY, REALLY PISSED!

Wind Carried 01

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