Wind Carried 02

Another boring boat ride. Yet, I managed to frighten off three river-gods who demanded we pay a toll. Wherever you are – if you travel the rivers and run into any upstart spirits, ask if they have heard of me. I was glorious and no doubt made an impression that will be forever burned into thier memory.

Cranesong is an uncouth Behemoth and I will never train with her again.

Sogeki-chan, Sora and Yukiko are creepier and more terrifying than I had imagined, and are in this very moment in a barn of horrors, up to their elbows in gore from these THINGS we fought. You should have seen the unholy glee on their faces as they began to dismantle the disgusting pieces of armor and corpses we collected. The armor, strangely, reminded me of Gunzosha. Yukiko keeps claiming one of the pilots was alive, but he did not look like any living thing I have ever seen. It was all more sickening than Cranesong’s face, if you can believe that. I will need to bathe myself three times just to remove the stench of it all.

I am sure we will be sent to scout the source of where these things came from. I’m not worried, because of the five of them, I killed two myself. It was majestic, as you can imagine. I am sure whatever we find won’t be much of a challenge, and I will be bored as usual.

Everything is boring without you here.

Wind Carried 02

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