Maheka Damaj

Dragon-Blooded Akuma Sorcerer


A scion of Gens Maheka, the Dragon-Blooded Damaj Exalted nearly three centuries ago in Lookshy. Demonstrating a natural aptitude for sorcery, young Damaj trained as a combat sorcerer, but his true love was bio-thaumaturgy. Regrettably, few among the Seventh Legion shared that love, at least to the extent that Damaj was willing to express it—he was censured and forced to flee Lookshy in R.Y. 553 after authorities discovered scores of misbegotten children he had sired with various summoned demons and then condemned to experimentation and vivisection in the laboratories hidden beneath his manse. Investigators also discovered a number of heretical occult texts, as well as Damaj’s own personal diaries, which postulated that the vitality of the Terrestrial bloodlines in Lookshy was certain to wan over time and that the only way to preserve the dominance of Lookshy’s Dragon- Blooded population was through controlled interbreeding between Exalts and demons.

Maheka Damaj is perhaps unique in that he initiated contact with the Yozi realm, petitioned for status as an akuma and actually suggested the Urge he now carries. Of course, Damaj did not fully understand the concept of an akuma Urge at that point, but given his background, it is unlikely he would have objected had he known what he was getting into. Damaj made his petition to several prospective Yozis by way of summoned First Circle demons, but it was Adorjan whose interest was piqued by the sorcerer’s boldness. By Adorjan’s command, Maheka Damaj was conveyed to Malfeas, and Jacint himself performed the Investiture of Infernal Glory.

Maheka Damaj is tall and broad of shoulder, with long black hair. His features are chiseled as if of stone, and his skin appears as polished grey-white marble. He smells of moist clay. Dressed in robes of the finest quality, he appears to have no weapons or armor.

In the year R.Y. 768 Damaj was spotted in the nation of Greyfalls by Lookshy spies. A fang of elite rangers were dispatched to assassinate the renegade sorcerer. Having tracked him down within the city of River Mist, they ambushed and ultimately slew the powerful Akuma within the House of Radiant Spring.

Maheka Damaj

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