Transcript - River Mist

A Transcript of the Representative of the River Province Administrative District (Greyfalls), Addressing the Council of the Concordat

Thank you, members of the Council, for meeting on such short notice. Recent events demand immediate attention and I expect answers from the representative of Lookshy. I am hoping that she can explain to the Council the actions that took place within Greyfalls over a week ago.

I will attempt to keep this short. Infiltrator forces of the Seventh Legion were observed within our district taking direct military action against the Realm. To start with, an outcaste dragon-blooded was assassinated in plain view within the town of River Mist. Cast out from Lookshy in years past, this sorcerer outcaste had been granted political asylum and was considered a citizen of the Realm. He was lured into an open courtyard then ambushed by five assassins. One of them identified himself as a member of the Seventh Legion prior to the assassination.

The Council should remember that this could be seen as an act of war. There was no attempt at diplomacy, nor even any communication prior to this engagement. Though I am loathe to admit it, I must agree with the representative of Thorns’ accusation of warmongering from months ago against the city-state. Does the Seventh Legion wish for war?

To further escalate issues, a dynast of House Nellens was kidnapped afterward, and her current status is unknown. She was a respected member of the Greyfalls government and appears to have had no involvement in the combat. Again I request full explanation from the representative of Lookshy as to the intention here. We have eye-witnesses who can confirm she was near the assassination, but did not appear to be involved in it beyond protecting herself.

The River Province Administrative District officially demands her immediate release and safe return to our lands. We are willing to entertain explanation as to the circumstances around the assassination, however the release of this prisoner is not up for discussion.

I return the floor to the speaker of the Council.

Transcript - River Mist

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