lexiconscript.pngDirectorates: The seven directorates — Adjutant General, Operations, Intelligence, Stores, Security, Justice and Liaison — are responsible for overseeing the support operations of the Seventh Legion.

Gens: One of the Great Houses of Lookshy — well respected and great of power, even if overall less influential or central to Lookshy politics when compared to the imperial Great Houses’ influence in the politics of the Realm.

Immaculate Faith: The primary religion of the Seventh Legion, resulting out of a schism in the Immaculate Order after the formation of the Second Realm. Among other beliefs, the Immaculate faith of the Legion stresses personal responsibility, respecting the righteous orders of ones superiors — and correcting, or supplanting, those superiors if they are unrighteous.

Metic: Nonnative resident of, or visitor to, Lookshy. Primarily a legal term, but metic sometimes carries a slight disparaging or exasperated undertone.

Order of Chaplains: Elite cadre of sorcerer-priests, called sohei, drawn from the ranks of the Immaculate faith.

Rangers: Most well known of Lookshy’s various commando units, the masked and hooded rangers are one of the premier special-operations units of the Second Age.

Seventh Legion: Last legion of the Dragon-Blooded Shogunate. More formally known as the Seventh Legion (Reinforced) of the Dragon Shogunate at Lookshy.

Sohei: A sorcerer-priest of Lookshy, responsible for policing interactions between the Celestial Bureaucracy and the citizens of Lookshy both at home and abroad. Trained in exorcism, the summoning and binding of spirits and demonology.

Sorcerer-Engineer: A senior sorcerer of Lookshy tasked with maintaining the most powerful First Age weapons and equipment and directing the enchantment of new artifacts.

Strategos: Tactical and strategic advisor to a senior officer. The strategoi of the Operations Directorate are responsible for producing training programs, tactical and strategic analysis and risk assessment.


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