The City of Lookshy

At the edge of the promontory at the mouth of the Yanaze sits Lookshy, a sprawling city of blue stone. Built upon a massive, jade-infused stone masonry foundation, Lookshy is a wonder. Colossal guardian statues of Nefvarin Gilshalos and Tien Yu watch over the Eastern Gate. Huge flood embankments protect the coastal districts to the west. The city’s streets are mostly planned, and the majority of them are paved. The widest thoroughfares are 40 feet wide, though many are as narrow as 12 feet.

Housing in Lookshy is standardized, with a dozen or so basic designs. Most have flat-roofs, which are covered with either white cement, for wealthy estates, or bitumen, for poorer homes and tenements. The more spacious dwellings, estates of wealthy families, are laid out around a central courtyard where guests are received, food is prepared and servants do their daily chores. These estates are usually furnished with wells, plumbing, private baths with connections to the public drainage system, glazed windows and wall facings of dressed stone, but present a plain outer façade, as it’s deemed uncouth to flaunt wealth. The poorest families live in single-room tenements, with shared toilet facilities, lacking all but the most basic cooking arrangements and natural lighting.

Public buildings come in two breeds. The rebuilt and restored First Age buildings are resplendent structures of alabaster and gold. Newer buildings are fashioned either in respectful homage to Deheleshen architectural styles or in a sort of nouveau-Deheleshen mode, marrying the ancient with tasteful, utilitarian flourishes. Courts of Justice, public baths, sentry-houses and administrative buildings incline toward austere façades, while shop arcades and salon alcazars lean toward more cosmopolitan embellishments.


The City of Lookshy

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