Transcript - Kodara Field

A Transcript of the Representative of the Mask of Winters

Addressing the Council of the Concordat

Once again I must express my deepest thanks to the Council for affording me the chance to speak on recent events. I wish such words were not needed, as it distracts the great minds gathered from their own concerns, as well as weakening us as a whole.

However, I cannot stand by while the representatives of both Lookshy and Marukan toss unfounded and manipulative accusations around. Every word of theirs appears carefully selected so that it will elicit the desired response, regardless of the truth; and truth is what I am speaking here today for.

Concerns have once again been raised over issues in Marukan territory. Let me clarify a few points so that we all may properly understand what took place in what many are referring to as the Battle for Kodara Field.

Recently forces operating under the Seventh Legion entered the Underworld via a shadowland in Marukan territory. I will remind those of the Council that this alone changes the jurisdiction drastically. These troops then encountered forces from Thorns engaged in military exercises and jumped to conclusions. The result of these conclusions was the ensuing battle where forces under Prince Resplendent in the Ruin of Ages, may his soul find peace, were forced to defend themselves on foreign soil. Many on both sides lost their lives that day.

Yes, it is true this conflict occurred outside of the shadowland and on Marukan land. However, upon further investigation, this clearly appears to be by design. This was no mere accident, instead, it was a well orchestrated ploy to draw forces of Thorns out into battle and force the war that Lookshy so desperately wants, or rather, needs!

I ask you all to consider why it is that every incident involving Lookshy has to do with war? Perhaps is it because this is all they know? I have said many times before that they are a nation built upon war, so what are they without it? That answer, friends of the Council and attending dignitaries, is nothing. Without war, Lookshy is nothing. It is not peace they wish for, peace removes the need for their troops to bleed the coffers of nations dry. Peace removes the need for their troops to garrison in fortified redoubts on foreign soil. Peace is most certainly not on their mind.

I have provided detailed maps of the encounter, which I will present to all gathered members of the Council. I am confident that once they have been reviewed and corroborated with survivors of the incident, that the Council will find a just course of action to right these wrongs.

I surrender the floor to the speaker of the Council. Thank you.

Transcript - Kodara Field

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